Rebound from Holiday Debt

The holiday season often inspires us all to be a little more generous with our time and our treasures.  If your generosity resulted in some credit card debt that you have now carried into the New Year, you are not alone.  It’s not a crime to focus on the joy of giving, but we must […]

5 Levers to Pull…In Case of Emergency

What will you do when you have planned for the unexpected, yet find your savings are not enough?  You need a Plan B. Plan B is simply identifying the levers you can pull when your emergency fund is not enough to cover an unexpected expense. For clarification, I’m not referring to a last minute trip to […]

Is Procrastination Holding Your Payout?

Many of us are pushed and pulled by family or work-related demands, easily delaying tasks that could generate some cold, hard cash.  As we tackle our financial goals throughout the year, I challenge you to identify opportunities that could yield dividends and prioritize the task you’ve intentionally put on the back burner.  I took the […]

Life Without Credit Cards :: Months 1 & 2 – A Leap of Faith

Fear. Fear of the unknown expense looming around the corner waiting to say, “Gotcha! ” Uneasy. No more playing it safe. No more credit lines to fall back on. My savings account is finally the resource it was intended to become – my safety net. Uncertainty. How long can I really keep this up?! There’s gotta be […]

Life Without Credit Cards :: A Personal Case Study

Since the signing of the Credit Card Act in 2009, I was given the right to “opt out of or reject certain significant changes in terms” on my accounts. “Opting out means cardholders agree to close their accounts and pay off the balance under the old terms.” Read more: Truthfully, in 2009, I rejected the […]