How to equip your teen aged 14 – 18 with healthy money habits even if you’re intimidated by finances 

You’ve tried:

Listen, your teen might be able to add, subtract and do basic trig, but aside from sending money via CashApp, they don’t really have a clue about what’s coming their way in the next couple of years or how much money being an adult costs.

Sitting down with your daughter and showing her all that goes into managing the household’s money and expenses, but she’s only interested in talking about buying new clothes.

You’ve never been strict about money with your teen, but it’s time they know that money doesn’t grow on trees.
Trouble is, you (and your bank account) are at your wit’s end for how to get your teen interested in money and their financial future.

Fortunately, I have a solution for you.

Future Millionaire Money Camp for Teens (ages 14-18)

A curated journey to equip your teen with the knowledge and support to master money fundamentals.

We’re covering topics like how to save money and invest, how to spend and use credit wisely and how to set goals, earn money and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Plus, we’ll even cover the value of giving back to those in need.
After this camp, your teen isn’t just going to know what’s needed for a solid financial future, they’re going to actually be building their own!

What’s Waiting for Your Teen Inside the Future Millionaire Money Camp?

Here’s the truth about your teen and money: as long as they’ve got access to it, they’re not really thinking too much about where it’s coming from – or where it’s going.

The thing they don’t realize is that stuff like credit card debt, car loans and student loans can have a crippling effect on their financial future.
Most teens put off saving and investing because they don’t know any better. They borrow money from their parents or drain down what little savings they have to go on shopping sprees with their friends, go on vacation or buy the latest flashy electronics.

Regardless of what they’re spending money on, they’re spending it and you know that if things continue unchecked, they’re going to be faced with a bleak financial future.

During the Money Camp, your teen will learn:

That’s why this money camp is so important.

Here’s What’s Included:

Structured Sessions

Live instruction + self-paced action items to complete during the camp

Engaging Curriculum

Fun and informative lessons tailored to your teen's interests and skill level

Online Portal Access

Easy-to-access downloadable worksheets and additional activities for your teen

Awards & Prizes

Up to $100 in Earn & Learn cash incentives, prizes and a Certificate of Completion

Paying For College When You Make Too Much Money
($350 Value)

Special bonus video training with Dr. Pamela Ellis of Compass College Advisory to help your family identify ways to cover higher education costs when you don’t qualify for financial aid.

Wealth Secrets to Secure Your Teen's Future
($497 Value)

Parents-only training on how to find money in the budget to save and invest for your teen's financial future without sacrificing your lifestyle, plus tips on the tools used by wealthy families.


Money Sessions

what we cover

Secure The Bag (Goal Setting & Earning Money)

Campers make the association between hard work and being rewarded. We dive into their dreams, discuss goal setting, and learn ways to earn money while also encouraging activities to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit.

Stack Your Cash (Saving & Investing)

Campers learn that saving is the foundation of investing — and investing is the catalyst to build long-term wealth. Campers will understand the importance of saving and investing at a young age and how to get started.

Your Money = Your Power (Spending Wisely & an Intro to Credit)

Campers are introduced to the marketing tactics used to promote wasteful spending and how to make a spending decision. They will learn to create a spending plan they can use throughout the year.

Lift As You Climb (Giving & Sharing) & a Graduation Celebration

Giving is an important money habit to raise future millionaires who demonstrate empathy and compassion. Campers will learn to implement the 3 Ts of Giving and how to tie giving to their talents and interests.


I’m Holly Reid, CPA and founder of The Master Playbook and the Future Millionaire Money Camp for Teens, and I’ll tell you this: by the time I graduated college, I had a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in credit card debt.
I was swimming in debt and I kept thinking, “Why did I sign over my financial future for a t-shirt?”
Because I didn’t know any better.
And that’s often the case for most students. We’re not taught about things like interest rates or what the cost of that loan will be in 10 or 20 years down the road.

The thing is, it’s difficult to master what you’ve never been taught.

 That’s why teaching teens about money is so important.
Mastering money and understanding how credit, debt and investing all work is something that shouldn’t be put off until adulthood … not if you want to have a bright financial future.

Instead, we believe in teaching teens all there is to know about money so that they can make smart decisions that don’t leave them financially strapped for years to come.

If your teen could benefit from this, then sign them up.

The Master Playbook Guarantee

I’m so confident in this program that I include The Master Playbook Guarantee.

In 7 days (after your teen invests 100% attention during the camp), your teen will be able to share whether they want to continue in order to learn the importance of mastering money, whether they are interested in learning about investing, and whether they have any interest in exploring the power of entrepreneurship. 

I guarantee you’ll see, with confidence, that your teen is curious and has an increased desire to understand the path to personal financial success. If your teen is not excited to attend the next session, then reach out to me at info@themasterplaybook.com and I’ll make it right.

The Master Playbook reserves the right to cancel any program. In the event that The Master Playbook cancels a program, all program fees will be refunded.

Video Testimonials

Before you go, please know this:

Give your teen a crash course on the importance of money from budgeting and saving to earning and investing. We cover it all.

By the end of this Money Camp, your teen will have a new understanding and appreciation for money and their future self will thank you. 💡

Click the button below and sign your teen up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Money Camp for Teens (ages 14+) is conducted for four consecutive weeks (either Sundays or Mondays depending on your cohort)! Your camper will have access to the online portal for one year after the live sessions are completed in order to revisit session lectures and activities.

For one year (365 days) following the last live session.

Yes. All sessions are recorded and made available the same day, so they will never miss a beat and can jump right into the next live session ready to go!

Yes. There are two payment options. You can pay in full, or split the cost into two payments: first payment due now, second payment due in two weeks.

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