Life Without Credit Cards :: A Personal Case Study

Since the signing of the Credit Card Act in 2009, I was given the right to “opt out of or reject certain significant changes in terms” on my accounts. “Opting out means cardholders agree to close their accounts and pay off the balance under the old terms.”

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Truthfully, in 2009, I rejected the credit card company’s offer to increase my interest rates by more than 160% out of pure defiance. It was an absurd percentage increase, so I made an emotional decision to mentally cut the cord.  I felt no pain when one credit card expired at the end of 2012; Afterall, I still had one personal credit card and that’s all I really need anyway, right? Well, the 2nd and final personal credit card expired at the end of March 2013 and I went into panic mode…

I want to hear from you.  How would you respond if you no longer had access to credit? Stay tuned to read about the cycle of emotions I experienced in this new stage of my financial life.

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