How to equip your children aged 10 – 13 with healthy money habits even if you’re intimidated by finances

Are you ready to give your child the financial head start they deserve?

By the time I graduated from college, I had a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and a Masters degree in credit card debt. 

I was a quick study thanks to the predatory tactics of big banks. I, along with other young and talented college students, signed over our future earnings all for a freakin t-shirt or – get this – a water bottle! What on earth were we thinking?!?! 

I’ll tell you. 

We were thinking we could handle the responsibility. And the truth is, many of us had no idea what we were signing up for and we certainly didn’t know the consequences of our choices. 

Well, Here’s The Fix

As parents, we now have the responsibility to equip this next generation with the tools and the know-how to avoid the money mistakes we made. This means teaching our kids early how to save, invest, spend wisely, and how credit really works.

While the laws have changed where credit card companies can no longer post up on college campuses, that hasn’t stopped our consumer culture from targeting and influencing our kids at even younger ages through ads in gaming apps or gift cards to their favorite store. Yep, our kids are learning how to swipe, dip, or tap their way right into the credit industry. 

The reality is only 42 percent of states require high school financial education, and even fewer require elementary and middle schools to set the foundation.

“Research shows that when age-appropriate money topics like budgeting, interest, and debt are incorporated in your child’s learning, it positively impacts the decisions, saving, and spending habits in adulthood.”

The Master Playbook Mark
82% of parents said they are looking for additional resources to help teach their children about good financial habits.

Are You Making These

There are three common mistakes parents make when it comes to tackling the topic of money with their kids

As parents, we are so busy teaching our kids everything from good manners to having those awkward talks about the birds and bees that I get it, money matters are often overlooked or ignored.

As our kids mature and grow, we can’t afford to stand by and do nothing.

By not proactively tackling the life skill of money management in the home, we are leaving it up to chance and hoping our children will just pick it up through trial and error which is not an effective method. 

Unfortunately, money management is not consistently taught in schools.  As a result, too many kids grow up only to  fall prey to the common financial pitfalls of accumulating too much debt, taking on too much too soon, and not saving for your future. 

According to a 2014 survey of American 15-year-olds by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, nearly 20 percent of students stated that they hadn’t yet learned everyday financial skills, like budgeting and comparison shopping.

Money mastery requires practice, repetition, guidance and nurturing instruction.  You will not always be there to protect them from making poor money choices, so it is important to make sure they can make money decisions independently.

Assuming you have a young learner at home who can shoot, edit, and post videos faster than you can unlock your phone, they’re ready to learn the building blocks of financial literacy.


Then keep reading.

The good news is raising a Future Millionaire is much  easier than you may think.

By exposing and equipping your child with foundational money habits, you’ll finally feel confident to:

Outcomes like these are doable, achievable, and worth it for you and your child.

You’ll clutch your pearls when your child insists on doing the dishes, seeks out entrepreneurial opportunities, or saves up for a new pair of Vans.

It gets better.

Imagine your child understands:

With everything that you pour into your children, it’s time you started to see glimpses of the payoff from them connecting these dots.

I was in my late 20s when I finally started connecting the dots. Let that sink in. 

Don’t you want better for your child? I do too and that’s why I created the Future Millionaire Money Camp for Kids.

This program offers an engaging and informative learning opportunity from home and provides quick wins and practical ideas to plant the seeds of financial success far faster than going it alone. 

Your camper will be equipped to develop a healthy Relationship with Money, Improve Financial Literacy, Strengthen Critical Thinking, and Build Confidence.

Here’s What’s Included:

Structured Sessions

Live instruction + self-paced action items to complete during the camp

Engaging Curriculum

Fun and informative lessons tailored to
your child’s interests and skill level

Online Portal Access

Easy-to-access downloadable worksheets and additional activities for your child

Awards & Prizes

Incentives, prizes and a Certificate of Completion

Kid Biz Strategy Session
($350 Value)

This special bonus is a small group session with me to help your child identify at least one viable business idea they can activate and begin to make money this summer.

Wealth Secrets to Secure Your Child’s Future
($497 Value)

Parents-only training on how to find money in the budget to save and invest for your child's financial future without sacrificing your lifestyle, plus tips on the tools used by wealthy families.


Money Lessons

what we cover

Secure The Bag (Goal Setting & Earning Money)

Campers make the association between hard work and being rewarded. We dive into their dreams, discuss goal setting, and learn ways to earn money while also encouraging activities to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit.

Stack Your Cash
(Saving & Investing)

Campers learn that saving is the foundation of investing — and investing is the catalyst to build long-term wealth. Campers will understand the importance of saving and investing at a young age and how to get started.

Your Money = Your Power (Spending Wisely & an Intro to Credit)

Campers are introduced to the marketing tactics used to promote wasteful spending and how to make a spending decision. They will learn to create a spending plan they can use throughout the year.

Lift As You Climb (Giving & Sharing) & a Graduation Celebration

Giving is an important money habit to raise future millionaires who demonstrate empathy and compassion.  Campers will learn to implement the 3 Ts of Giving and how to tie giving to their talents and interests.

The Master Playbook Guarantee

I’m so confident in this program that I include The Master Playbook Guarantee.

In 7 days (after your child invests 100% attention during the camp), your child will be able to share whether they want to continue in order to learn the importance of mastering money, whether they are interested in learning about investing, and whether they have any interest in exploring the power of entrepreneurship. I guarantee you’ll see, with confidence, that your child is curious and has an increased desire to understand the path to personal financial success. If your child is not excited to attend the next session, then reach out to me at info@themasterplaybook.com and I’ll make it right.

The Master Playbook reserves the right to cancel any program. In the event that The Master Playbook cancels a program, all program fees will be refunded.

Still Not Sure?

The Future Millionaire Money Camp for Kids is the solution to YOUR unspoken worries about your child’s financial future if:

Some parents will read half of this and flag it for later.  And while they’ve moved on to the next daily deed or mini-crisis, they’ll probably replace another cracked iPad screen, missing another opportunity to break a dangerous pattern and teach a critical money skill.  They’ll still be raising good kids – actually smart kids.  But they’re probably not raising Money Smart Kids.

This is your invitation to enroll your child into our Money Camp for Kids and watch your future millionaire take shape before your eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Money Camp for Kids (ages 10-14) is conducted for four consecutive Saturdays! Your camper will have access to the online portal for one year after the live sessions are completed in order to revisit session lectures and activities.

For one year (365 days) following the last live session.

es. All sessions are recorded and made available the same day, so they will never miss a beat and can jump right into the next live session ready to go!

No, the kids will not be broken up by age. The lessons are taught at a level for every age to understand and then to practice and take action during the week. I am intentional and personally engaged to make sure each child understands the money lessons being taught and of course available to answer questions.

Yes. There are two payment options. You can pay in full, or split the cost into two payments: first payment due now, second payment due in two weeks.

What Parents Are Saying 


After years of volunteering to teach students the basics of money management, I grew frustrated with the lack of financial education in the school system and became committed to sharing money essentials to students at every age! 

Early in my career as a finance professional, I began teaching financial education to students to help them avoid the financial pitfalls I faced but to also give them a head start to begin practicing the behaviors and building the habits to become the next generation of future millionaires!

What’s Included: