Meet Holly D. Reid, CPA

From Financial Free-Fall to Debt-Free Living — One Master Play at a Time

Holly founded The Master Playbook in 2012 after conquering the art of crushing debt, saving money, and building wealth – but she wasn’t always the savvy money guru you see today.

This award-winning author, speaker, Certified Public Accountant, experienced finance professional, and fierce advocate for financial literacy clawed her way through experience to get here.

The Reid Family

Doing More With Less

Holly was raised in Atlanta by a family rich in love, values, and unwavering work ethic — but without disposable income to waste.

The Road to Building Wealth

By 23 years old, Holly had purchased her first home (which she still owns today) and thought she was on the road to creating financial success … 

Until the dot com bubble burst, and she lost her job.

During this rock bottom moment, the financial responsibility of home ownership, coupled with student loans and consumer debt quickly revealed that she had taken on too much too soon. And because she hadn’t learned about money in school or practiced money management at home, she struggled to find her financial footing.

Using her education, experience, failures, and new observations, she became intentional about learning how to make smart money moves for the long game. Within a few months, she had created new habits and was crushing her own debt.

Mastering Money with Consistent, Simple Habits

Holly got intentional and laser focused on cutting expenses in every way she could think of — including choices she would not advise today, like pausing her investments and getting so strict on her budget, she cut out fun. 

While this method helped her achieve debt-free living, excluding her mortgage, she learned the hard way. Holly took the long road to the right choices. Through this experience, she found her financial footing and identified all the best ways to teach her clients how to find their financial confidence without the long road.

Beyond a personal sense of accomplishment, she felt empowered, liberated, and finally in control — it was a feeling of FREEDOM!! Her financial legacy of success would no longer be threatened by a lack of knowledge. And she wanted everyone to experience that feeling for themselves, so…

The Master Playbook Mark

… she created
The Master Playbook!

This series of tools, resources, and educational modules uses sound financial principles and practical tips from Holly’s personal experience and expertise. Through her teachings, she helps families break the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living. She empowers future generations to shift the trajectory of their financial futures. 

Whether it’s about crushing consumer debt or wanting to teach kids and teens about managing money, The Master Playbook is the best blueprint to avoid financial pitfalls and create ongoing financial prosperity for generations to come.

Children inherit the wisdom we choose to give them — what better inheritance than the gift of total financial freedom? The Master Playbook is your blueprint to helping your kids build and sustain financial success. 

Our courses, Money Camps, workshops, tools, and resources educate, engage, and empower you and your kids by using real-world, relevant, and relatable references to instill healthy money habits that are fun and easy to implement. 

We help parents cultivate strong work ethics, wise choices, consistency, responsibility, and generosity in their kids, equipping them with the wisdom they need to master money.

We are a driven team of financial educators, committed to paying forward everything we’ve learned in simple, fun programs for kids, teens, and parents.

We are here to help our communities raise money-smart kids and teach the best and easiest ways to unleash their financial confidence.

We show parents and their kids how to find the fun in finances and create sustainable healthy money habits using real-world practical tips and relevant social and cultural references.

We empower families to deepen financial understanding and start fruitful money conversations at home.

As intentional legacy builders, we strive to teach money management in a fun and comprehensive manner while sharing tools to uncover and identify every child’s entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe every family deserves to have the money knowledge to ensure financial stability, security, and success.

We wield our financial superpowers to create confident, money-smart families. We empower parents to give their kids the financial head start they deserve so that they can lead future generations to thrive.

As intentional legacy builders, we always find ways to inspire the desire to learn about creating generational wealth while teaching everything we know about finances in easy and fun ways.