Andrew Young Presents “The Color of Money” Screening

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend a special screening of “Andrew Young Presents: The Color of Money”, a documentary presented by The Andrew Young Foundation, Operation Hope and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The documentary focuses on the history of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his role in launching the Poor People’s Campaign – a push for economic justice […]

Announcing the Winner of our ‘Back-to-School Future Millionaire’ Photo Contest

We want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our photo contest and helped make it a success!  And a special congratulations to Miss Malia, the winner of a share of Coca-Cola stock in our ‘Back-to-School Future Millionaire’ photo contest!. Her photo entry received the highest marks from our panel and has been crowned the winner! Our […]

Rebound from Holiday Debt

The holiday season often inspires us all to be a little more generous with our time and our treasures.  If your generosity resulted in some credit card debt that you have now carried into the New Year, you are not alone.  It’s not a crime to focus on the joy of giving, but we must […]

How to Survive a Financial Interruption

Over 800,000 individuals are missing their regular paychecks as a result of the most recent government shutdown.  If you are impacted or know someone who is, please read or watch my video as I offer four steps every impacted employee can follow to survive a financial interruption. 40% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense […]

Five Tips To Declutter & Simplify Your Finances

Are you looking for ways to simplify and declutter your finances?  If so, you’ve landed in the right place! Tune in as I share five tips to help you save time & ultimately relieve yourself of financial stress and frustration.  Yes, I too have been sucked into the Marie Kondo craze of decluttering and ridding […]

Personal Finance Books by Black Authors

In honor of Black History Month,  I’ve compiled a list of Personal Finance books by Black authors.  These books are timely and cover relevant topics including, but not limited to, budgeting, starting money conversations, investing in the stock market, as well as culture-specific perspectives on how to address wealth disparity.   This list highlights 40 published resources for children, […]

Are You Expecting A Raise?

Are you expecting a raise or a bonus from work?  How do you plan to spend this new inflow of cash? Before the money hits your bank account, it’s best to have a plan of action.  Instead of increasing your take-home pay by $100, for example, consider these options to make your money go further: […]

15 Money Books for Kids To Master Money (by Age)

In between enjoying refreshing dips in the pool, reconnecting with family, and enrolling your budding millionaire in coding, football and money camps, here’s a quick list of age-appropriate reads to keep your mini-me money-smart and equipped to master their money.   From establishing early money management skills to saving and investing like a pro, this list includes […]

Best Money-Smart Gift Ideas for Graduates

It’s time to celebrate our graduates!  After years of preparation, studying and achievement, let’s make sure your grad is prepared to take their financial future to the next level.  With virtual graduations and celebrations happening across the country this month, most people will default to the gift of cash via Cashapp, Venmo, or Zelle.  Not too shabby, […]