15 Money Books for Kids To Master Money (by Age)

In between enjoying refreshing dips in the pool, reconnecting with family, and enrolling your budding millionaire in coding, football and money camps, here’s a quick list of age-appropriate reads to keep your mini-me money-smart and equipped to master their money.  

From establishing early money management skills to saving and investing like a pro, this list includes a wealth of knowledge to empower your child to best handle their finances as they mature and grow. Organized by age group, take your pick and fill your child’s summer break with books they can read independently or work through as a family.

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For ages 3 to 8 years old

Happy Birthday Mali Moore by Tiffany Aliche and Jaz McDaniel

This book tells the delightful story of Mali’s 6th birthday. As more and more guests arrive, so do more and more gifts. But when her presents start to push her guests out of the house, Mali has to learn an important lesson about the things that matter most. Will she choose more presents or more family and friends? Read this delightful, beautiful book and find out! 

Recommended for ages 4-8

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It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! Set by Sam X Renick

Sammy Rabbit learns a huge secret from his Auntie Squirly that can help him rescue his family, but he will have to practice a new habit of saving for the future. Will Sammy learn this great habit quickly enough to rescue his family?

Recommended for ages 5+

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What Are the Money Rules? by Rayna A Brown 

Little Miss Rayna wrote this book at 8-years-old to help her 4-year-old brother learn the 4 Family Money Rules her family follows about money. Now, Rayna’s story can help other little children learn how to be financially savvy kids!

Recommended for ages 5-7 

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Money Monsters: The Missing Money by Okeoma Moronu Schreiner

A beautifully illustrated children’s book about Kai, a little boy and his first encounter with the ATM! Kai struggles to understand where his money has gone after depositing it and just before attempting to break his money out, his mother sits him down to explain this confusing event and helps put his mind at ease.

Recommended for ages 5-7 

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Amber’s Magical Savings Box by Rachael Hanible

Discover Ambers life-changing experience as she learns her first lesson on goal setting, earning money, and the importance of saving. This interactive book will encourage and inspire children to create their own savings goals to buy all the magical things they desire.  This book can be personalized. This book is guaranteed to spark the mind of our young entrepreneurs and teach them the value of a dollar. Happy saving!

Recommended for ages 3-8

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Madison’s 1st Dollar: A Picture Book About Money by Ebony Beckford

Madison just received her first dollar and is exploring what to do with it! In this children’s book about money, using an interactive writing style that encourages kids to chime in, kids will help Madison manage it by recommending whether she should spend, save, donate or invest her money!

Recommended for ages 3-7

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Teach Your Child To Fish Workbook: Five Money Habits Every Child Should Master by Holly D. Reid, CPA

This supplemental workbook provides over twenty practical activities and faith-based references to teach school-age children, kindergarten through high school, money management concepts as they begin to understand money. Each activity is designed to enforce a key money habit and is easy and fun to implement. Topics covered in Earning, Saving, Investing, Spending and Giving.

Recommended for ages 4+

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For ages 9 – 12 years old

Investing for Kids: How to Save, Invest and Grow Money by Dylin Redling & Allison Tom

Investing for Kids can help make your kids money savvy, showing them how to earn it, how to start a savings plan, and the best ways to invest and create a future with money in the bank.

This engaging guide to investing for kids covers essential information about stocks and bonds, how you can invest in them, and how they can help you build wealth.

Recommended for ages 8-12

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Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid by Mikaila Ulmer

In Bee Fearless, part memoir, part business guide, Mikaila–now fifteen–shares her personal journey and special brand of mindful entrepreneurship and offers helpful tips and guidance for young readers interested in pursuing their own ventures, instilling in them the bee-lief that they can bee fearless and achieve their dreams too.

Recommended for ages 10+

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A Smart Girl’s Guide: Money (Revised): How to Make It, Save It, and Spend It by Nancy Holyoke

What’s your money style? If you have the cash, do you make it last? Or do you spend it during a big shopping spree? What’s the trick to saving for something big and to being a better shopper? In this book, learn how to not only spend that cash, but also how to earn it. The quizzes, tips, and helpful quotes from other girls will make learning about money management easy and fun.

Recommended for ages 9-12

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National Geographic Everything Kids Everything Money: A wealth of facts, photos, and fun! by Kathy Furgang

All you need to know about money can be found in the pages of this colorful, energetic, and accessible book. Kids will also learn about money around the world from a National Geographic expert, featured in “Explorer’s Corners” throughout the book. Packed with fun facts and amazing photographs, this book gives kids an in-depth look at this fascinating and important topic.

Recommended for ages 8-12

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For ages 14 – 18 years old

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason

Providing financial wisdom through parables, this is considered a timeless classic. Countless readers have been helped by the famous “Babylonian parables,” hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. In language as simple as that found in the Bible, these fascinating and informative stories set you on a sure path to prosperity and its accompanying joys.

Recommended for ages 14+

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Money $mart Teens: 48 Interactive Lessons for Understanding, Making, Saving, and Spending Money by Al Riddick

Money $mart Teens is designed to help students establish a strong foundation in financial literacy. Each of the lessons will challenge, educate, and equip youth with the necessary tools to enhance their financial fitness. This workbook makes learning about money fun and exciting through a variety of exercises that are: Engaging, Educational, Entertaining, Thought-provoking and Real-world financial scenarios

Recommended for 14+

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I Want More Pizza: Real World Money Skills For High School, College, And Beyond by Steve Burkholder

I Want More Pizza finally has teenagers excited about personal finance and is giving them the confidence that they can succeed. Primary topics discussed include saving, spending, prioritization, goal setting, compound growth, investing, debt, credit cards, student loans, mental blocks, and taking real world action.

Recommended for ages 13-18

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Official Money Guide for Teenagers by Susan P. Beacham and Michael L. Beacham

Teenagers often make big money decisions, from getting their first job to planning for college. Learning about money early on help teens make smart financial decisions in the future. This comprehensive guide, full of helpful infographics and charts, helps teens turn “pocket money into power and freedom.” Topics include budgeting, credit cards, philanthropy and insurance.

Recommended for ages 10-18

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