Everyday I’m Hustlin’


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Hustlin’, Hustlin’, Hustlin’, 14x
Everyday I’m hustlin’, 15x

Dad:  What does “Hustlin” mean?
Son: Um, it means – I’m working really hard.

Riding in a car, listening to music, and a father and son went on to have a conversation about the importance of working hard to reach your goals.

Pleased by the son’s innocence and truth, I asked myself, “What am I working really hard for?”  Their dialogue inspired me to share my Top 5 below:

Top 5 Reasons I Hustle

 5.  To give to others.
Ever tried helping someone financially? Paying the toll for the person behind you. Donating money to help pay the tuition of a deserving student.  Helping a parent with a medical bill.

It is truly better to give than to receive.  I work hard to be a resource to others either before or during a time of financial need – without the expectation of repayment or recognition.

 4. To live a lifestyle I continue to dream about.
I’ve learned that I far more value experiences over the things of this world.  Give me a trip around the world over the world’s fastest car any day!  I work hard to live an active lifestyle that I can fill with a wide-range of experiences.  Exploring and being exposed to new people, places and cultures feeds my mind and at some level, allows me to know myself just a little better.

3.  To make my parents and family proud. 
The truth is, my parents worked extremely hard to make ends meets and to create opportunities and experiences for me and my three sisters.  My dad retired after serving over 40 years with the federal government – faithfully providing for our immediate family, his own brothers and sisters, as well as co-workers, neighbors and complete strangers.  I watched my mom work overnight shifts as an Emergency Room nurse and making it home just in time to see us off to school before completely collapsing from exhaustion.

My parents could not afford all the things we wanted in life, but they focused on the important things and worked to equip us with foundational values to pursue the desires of our hearts.  For that, I am forever grateful and willing to do whatever I can to show them that their sacrifices were not in vain.

2.  Peace of Mind.
If you’ve ever lived without peace, this requires no further explanation.   If you live in financial madness long enough, you will leap to extremes to regain a sense of peace.  The anxiety and mental stress of spending money you don’t have or living above your means is a real wake-up call when it consumes your thoughts and controls the decisions you make.  I’ve known individuals willing to sell everything they own just to gain financial peace.  I’ve also known individuals who will rob, steal or worse hoping for peace, but only to dig a deeper pool of regret and unrest.

I work hard to save and to prepare for the unexpected.  The peace that comes from meeting your needs and living debt-free is calming, empowering, and weightless. Simply put, it is priceless.

1. To please God.
We are all stewards of what God has blessed us with.   The question is, does your financial life tell a story of someone who has been wasteful or someone who put their money to work and doubled the value?  Which would you reward?

I work hard to maximize my resources, to take care of the needs of today, to set an example, and to leave a legacy for those coming behind me.  I also work hard work to show how grateful I am for the talents I’ve been blessed with, the skills He has allowed me to develop, and the opportunities He has both given and protected me from.

I want to hear from you.  The road to financial freedom will have many obstacles.  For me, it’s important to know your “WHY” – Why it is important to achieve financial freedom.  What are some reasons you hustle (work really hard)?

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