Generational Wealth, Compliments of You!

What would generational wealth look like to you? What’s needed to create or change the financial legacy of your family? More importantly, What Financial Legacy Will You Leave Behind? Since I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth or with an inheritance from my forefathers, I often think critically about the actions I […]

March Madness: A 21-Day Financial Fast

It’s the end of March and we are well into the Lenten Season – a time of reflection where Christians deny themselves, typically through fasting, in preparation for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is through Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection that we are saved and therefore begin 40 days of self-denial and prayer, symbolic […]

The Master Playbook Tips & Results: A 21-Day Financial Fast

After reading Michelle Singletary’s 21-Day Financial Fast via the Washington’s Post article at:, I decided to exercise my faith and take on the challenge in anticipation of learning more about myself and, more importantly, my relationship with money. Instead of going it alone, I invited friends, family and the online community to join me.  This placed […]

Is Procrastination Holding Your Payout?

Many of us are pushed and pulled by family or work-related demands, easily delaying tasks that could generate some cold, hard cash.  As we tackle our financial goals throughout the year, I challenge you to identify opportunities that could yield dividends and prioritize the task you’ve intentionally put on the back burner.  I took the […]

Five Questions To Answer Before Making A Large Purchase

About 10 years ago, I removed all the window screens from my home primarily because they were damaged and an eyesore.  Plus, the single pane windows on this older home were painted shut, so it really didn’t matter.  With little to no expendable income, I loosened a few windows so they would open, looked into […]

10 Ways to Build a $500 Emergency Fund in 90 Days (or less)

Financial Emergencies are a fact of life.  Will you be ready? Your goal is to stash away $500 or more as quickly as possible, while you continue to meet your basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) and make at least the minimal payments toward any consumer debt (i.e., credit cards, auto loans, school loans, etc.). This […]