Take Your Kids To The Bank, Literally

While we have all heard of Take Your Kids to Work Day, I’d like to introduce a fairly new concept called Take Your Kids to the Bank! Where do they think money comes from anyway?!  With everything so instantaneous via the swipe of a card, I wonder if our little mini-me’s grasp the concepts of delayed gratification […]

March Madness: A 21-Day Financial Fast

It’s the end of March and we are well into the Lenten Season – a time of reflection where Christians deny themselves, typically through fasting, in preparation for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is through Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection that we are saved and therefore begin 40 days of self-denial and prayer, symbolic […]

Life Without Credit Cards :: Months 1 & 2 – A Leap of Faith

Fear. Fear of the unknown expense looming around the corner waiting to say, “Gotcha! ” Uneasy. No more playing it safe. No more credit lines to fall back on. My savings account is finally the resource it was intended to become – my safety net. Uncertainty. How long can I really keep this up?! There’s gotta be […]