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82% of parents said they are looking for additional resources to help teach their children about good financial habits.

About Our Founder

Your Money Mentor

Holly Reid is a Certified Public Accountant, an experienced finance professional and a fierce advocate for financial literacy. She started The Master Playbook in 2012 after working her way out of debt and realizing many of her financial missteps could have been avoided if she’d learned a few key lessons earlier in life.

She took her experience of finding financial freedom and created her signature approach to teach everything she learned. Through her Money Camps, self-guided resources, and speaking engagements, she gives the next generation a blueprint to a better future: The Master Playbook. She now shares the fundamentals and principles of financial literacy to help parents and kids gain and sustain their own financial freedom.

The Master Playbook


Educate your kids and teens with money conversations that incorporate your family values and beliefs.


Engage your family with smart money moves to master money, increase responsibility, and inspire accountability.  


Be empowered together — as a family — and build healthy and sustainable money habits for generations to come.

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Money Camp

Start the money conversation
with Future Millionaire Money Camp™
for Kids & Teens 

Did you know many money habits are set by age 7? 

Invest in early training to shape their destiny with the Future Millionaire Money Camp for Kids & Teens. These camps will light the fire of fiscal responsibility with our signature three-prong approach:

83% of parents wish they learned more about money as a child.

Kids tuning you out every time you start talking about dollars and cents? Our innovative programming hooks their attention and gets them excited about learning.

Watch their money mindset transform before your eyes. The tools they learn in our Money Camps are easy to grasp and can be applied ASAP. More chores for more allowance anyone?

Self-Paced Resources

Get Rich Right at Home

Spending money on things that make us look rich is cool. But the real riches are the knowledge and tools to make sure we actually have money in the bank and growing in our investment accounts.

Sharpen your skills or expand your teen’s money know-how with our a-la-carte, self-paced online courses and resources.

Workshops + Talks

Invite The Master
Playbook to Your Event

Your Money Mentor, Holly Reid, offers in-person guidance and hosts engaging interactive workshops and keynotes at schools, college campuses, churches, corporate organizations, and conferences across the United States, sharing financial knowledge that leads to financial freedom.

Invite Holly to your conference or campus to build a compelling presentation on spending habits, ditching debt, wealth-building, and more.


The Master Playbook Books & Learning Tools

Start the conversation at home with our award-winning book, Teach Your Child to Fish: Five Money Habits Every Child Should Master.

Suitable for families with kids K-12, Holly’s bestselling book sets the tone for an empowered financial future with fun, practical activities and exercises. Supplement your kids’ learning with the complementary workbook and Smart Cards, our financial literacy flashcards.

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