The Master Playbook hosts interactive workshops and keynotes at schools, college campuses, churches, organizations, and conferences across the US.  The message can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience.

Select program choices from The Master Playbook Speaker Series below or allow me to customize a unique program just for your specific development needs. The program offerings are interactive and designed to introduce and reinforce financial success within 60 minutes.

The Master Playbook Speaker Series Include:

Student-Centric Presentations

  • Get Financially Lit! Five Money Habits to Future Millionaire Status
  • College Prep 101: What to Know Before You Go
  • Financial Crossover: Transition from College to Career

Adult-Centric Presentations

  • Dare to Lead:  Legacy Building Begins With You!
  • Turn Your Passion into Profits!
  • Dollars Up, Debts Down: How to Ditch Debt & Build Wealth
  • Raising Future Millionaires : Practical Tips to Teach Money to Your Kids
  • and More!

For additional information, pricing, or scheduling, please complete a request form for your event or organization here.



Feb 27
Author Showcase: Teach Your Child to Fish Book Signing

Shaw Temple A.M.E. Zion Church

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March 3

Annual Youth Education Conference, L.I.F.E. Courses

Merritt College – Oakland, CA

Apr 21

Speaker: Financial Literacy Summit

Open to the Public. More info to come.

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Like any competitive sport, a strategy is mapped to guide and determine a player’s moves to ultimately win the game.  Similarly, The Master Playbook financial coaching sessions and consultations  are designed to help you achieve  your personally defined sense of financial peace and well-being.  Begin your journey to financial freedom today and book a session with me today!

I would like to schedule a(n):

DISCOVERY CALL – 30 minutes

Phone consultation to discuss your needs in order to plan a strategy to get you to the next step.

STRATEGY SESSION – 1 hour 15 minutes

After your Discovery Call, book your Strategy Session. During this phone, video call, or live discussion we will review tools and techniques that need to be implemented in order to optimize your personal financial plan and place you on a path to reach your goals.


As you implement your strategy, let’s stay connected. We will connect weekly during an Accountability Call to review your progress and to provide clarity or additional guidance as you execute your game plan!

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“Thank you for all your coaching help. We are doing very well financially and 85% of our goals are accomplished. Working on our one year saving now but we both have more loot in the bank than I’ve had in my adult life”

“I just wanted to tell you thank you for your Financial Fast. It helped me to organize the way I approach my finances and money. I was able to raise my credit score 200 points, eliminate all of my debts except for my school loans and I am able to live on my own again. You are a blessing! Thank you so much!”


“I paid everything off (except car)…and signed to purchase a new home. Thank you for your sound advice. 800 credit score too.”



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