Are you looking for ways to simplify and declutter your finances?  If so, you’ve landed in the right place!

Tune in as I share five tips to help you save time & ultimately relieve yourself of financial stress and frustration. 


Yes, I too have been sucked into the Marie Kondo craze of decluttering and ridding myself of material possessions that no longer “spark joy”.  I consider Ms. Kondo’s expertise in “tidying up” to be an excellent parallel to my expertise in decluttering and simplifying your finances. Similar to the benefits of clearing your closets and bookshelves, when you declutter and simplify your finances, you relieve stress, anxiety and place yourself on a path to more clearly achieve the money goals you’ve set for yourself this year.

Empower yourself to create financial peace by being organized and in touch with every aspect of your money!  If managing your money feels like a task, or takes too long, let’s jump right in with Five Tips to Declutter and Simplify Your Finances:

1. Declutter & Clear Financial Distractions: Rid yourself of all the advertising, email offers or marketing calls that are likely unconsciously influencing the way you spend your money. To solve for this, here are three quick things you can implement right away:

  • – to opt out and unsubscribe from store emails and coupon offers as most of these are just clutter you won’t read anyway. The result is a clean inbox with emails from companies you actually want to hear from.
  • To address unwanted calls for promotional offers, sign up for the National Do not Call Registry
  • Go Paperless!  Simply, opt to receive electronic statements instead or paper statements each month.  Some companies will even waive fees if you go paperless.

When I signed up for, I had 134 subscription emails, not all retailers, but certainly sites that I was no longer interested in hearing from each month.

2. Use an Online Money Management Tool like Mint or Personal Capital. I personally use Personal Capital because it shows my net worth in one snapshot. With most money management tools, simply link your financial accounts to keep track of your income and expenses and to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

3. Automate Your Finances. This one tip saves me so much time each month. I’ve found this most helpful with my expenses that are the same amount every month. You can set this in motion for any non-negotiable expense, like your mortgage, auto insurance, car payment, student loans or credit card minimum payments. If you struggle paying bills, automating your payments can save your hundreds of dollars in late fees!

4. Reduce The Number of Credit Cards You Use. You may have multiple credit cards (reward, cash back, retails cards), but do you really NEED all of them? Probably not, pick one that you will carry and use in the case of emergency, while you focus on paying them off. You may want to keep the others open for credit scoring purposes, but focus your credit card use on a single card. Choose the one that offers the best benefits and put the others away. It’s much simpler to manage your spending and handle payments with a single credit card then with five or ten.

5. Ask for Help. If you need to pay someone to help you with your money management – do that! A professional can actually tackle money tasks with a level of speed and expertise that you may not possess.  If you dread tax season each year, consider working with a CPA to complete your taxes.  Need help with your investment or insurance needs? Search for a fee-only Financial Advisor.   Or maybe you’d like to work with me as a financial coach to get organized, plug money leaks and prioritize your next financial move.  Whatever the issue, never be afraid to ask for help.

Now it’s time to spring in action!  Each tip takes a small amount of time and effort to set up and they can all save you time and money by reducing clutter and wasted energy.
When you streamline your finances – you are gifting yourself more time to do the things that are important to you.

I want to hear from you. What action will you take to Declutter and Simplify Your Finances?

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