Two years ago, I challenged myself to participate in a 21- Day Financial Fast guided by an article written by Michelle Singletary. The idea aligned with my personal quest to be more responsible with money and the journey helped me identify some sloppy money habits.

This year, I hosted a Financial Fast via social media from February 15 through March 7, 2015, and personally tracked what I was tempted to spend money on for three consecutive weeks.  During this short time period, I managed to save $394 by changing a few spending behaviors. My personal savings were a result of the following:

  • No Non-Essential Shopping $140
  • DIY vs. Outsourcing Vanity (hair, manicure) $100
  • Eating In/Bringing My Lunch vs. Eating Out $93
  • Spending Time vs. Buying Gifts $20
  • Homemade or No Coffee vs. Dunkin Donuts $16

While the amount of money is not a tremendous financial gain, it can cover an unexpected expense, fly me to Vegas, or be a welcomed donation to my favorite charity.  The point is, with a little practice (and push from the 21-Day Financial Fast guidelines), we can make better, wiser and more responsible choices with our money.  Our daily choices can fund our financial goals and create a level of financial security we all desire.

If you’re interested in experiencing the 21-Day Financial Fast, check out my previous posts which provide the guidelines and gives you more insight on my personal financial fast experience.  If you’re thinking about doing it, Just Do It!