Recently, I revisited God’s Ten Commandments (Exodus 20 and Matthew 22:36-40) and reflected on the laws God set before us.  My study revealed that, despite our efforts, no one can perfectly keep or obey all of the commandments outlined.  In fact, God’s Ten Commandments force us to realize that we all have sinned and are in need of God’s mercy and grace.

Similarly, we have all fallen short when it comes to managing money God’s way.  As Christians, we are called to be stewards of the resources we have been given.  As we continue this journey to financial freedom, seeking God’s guidance, grace and mercy, consider this compilation of  Ten Commandments of Financial Stewardship. While designed to promote financial stability and responsibility, perhaps these commandments will also reveal personal failings to overcome.

Ten Commandments of Financial Stewardship

Thou shalt…

commandment tablets

1. Work hard and with integrity.

2. Live within 80% of your means.

3. Tithe 10% of your Time, Talents, and Treasures.

4. Save 10% of your gross pay.

5. Pay off consumer debt as fast as you can.

6.  Set 1 or 2 challenging financial goals annually, and COMPLETE them.

7.  Identify & connect with an Accountability Partner to stay on track.

8.  Pray to God, Praise Him, and Share your testimony of financial success with others.

9.  Give to others and support a cause you believe in.

10. Invest wisely and leave a solid, financial legacy for others to build upon.

We want to hear from you.  Which commandment resonates with you most and why? What commandment might you add to this list?